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by Gregory Stanley CFP CSEC

The Lemming Effect ® by Gregory Stanley CFP CSEC

7 secrets reveal how a Canadian homeowner can save up to 192 mortgage payments in their own pockets instead of the banks!



The Lemming Effect ® is a step-by-step BLUEPRINT on how to live a debt-free lifestyle. It is easy to read and includes videos for fun learning.

You'll learn how it's possible to pay off your original mortgage in half the time or less using your current household budget. You can eliminate consumer debt at least 50% faster too. In less than 7 minutes a month you can take complete control of all your finances.

The Lemming Effect ® is recommended by financial advisors, mortgage brokers, realtors, associations, and employee benefits programs across North America. The average client saves over $100,000 in unnecessary interest costs. Get your copy of The Lemming Effect ® today.

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Greg - Thanks for the link to The Lemming Effect. Wow! The things I wish I knew ages ago! If I'd known then what I learned by reading your book, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in!! Is it possible to receive a hard copy of the book? I would like to leave it on my coffee table. I will gladly pay for it. ~ Cheryl K.

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